Floors And Counter Tops

Before we move on to our discussion of the floor it is important to also consider the counter tops. When you are handling food especially chicken or pork there is the possibility of spreading contamination from this from me to the surfaces of your kitchen. Often times when chopping up chicken or handling second there is a strong possibility that you will get the contaminated chicken juice all over the counter from your cutting board. There is also a chance that after touching this raw meat that your hands will come in contact with another surface like the handle to the refrigerator or the oven or the hardware for the sink. That is why when you were preparing dinner is important to always wash your hands and then be sure to clean off all services of any sort of trimmings from the raw white meat before continuing on with the rest of the food preparation.

Of course the counters are going to be messed and so it is very important in addition to having a cleanser for your services is also very important to have a mild cleanser that will also be effective at removing the pathogens and germs on your hands as well. Often times the chemicals that you were used for the counters include the 409 and other bleach based products because they are good at removing food residue as well as killing germs.

But it is better to use a combination of cayenne pepper and lemon juice because this combination is from that room and are made of totally organic compounds but the citric acid from the lemon juice and all the capsaicin from the other acts as both a natural disinfectant as well as a natural antimicrobial and intelligent component which will also leave your hands and your countertops in a state of distress. You want to make sure that you do not leave the lemon juice on the counter too long if they are made of marble or slate because the citric acid will eat through this and I leaving stains. Once you’re done with the sink and now let us discuss what you want to use for the floors and also for the cooktop. Before we get to those what does discuss ways of getting the smell out of your refrigerator.

It is always important to use the compound that we discussed earlier both of the alcohol compound as well as the lemon and cayenne compounds to wash out the inside of your refrigerator where residue from food may have collected and be causing a foul odor. It is very important and a lot of people forget to wash the refrigerator but it is a surface  like any other which come in contact with your food and so deserves the extra attention being cleaned. Once you have used these solutions on all of your services in the refrigerator then you should also have a box of organic baking soda that you can leave open that will absorb the smells in there as well. When you are doing a hot water heater installation you can clean the pipes in the exact same way. Just remember that this is just a back-up plan that cleanliness is the only real way to get a clean smelling refrigerator. When you are cleaning your refrigerator you should use a combination of the solution that we discussed earlier with cayenne lemon and alcohol and then you should get some organic salts in order to give the remaining power that you would have from Ajax like product without the damage to your living tissues. I hope you have found this useful and you will have a clean organic fresh smelling house from now on.

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