Clean And Germ Free

Cleaning products are essential for keeping a home clean and germ-free. It is very important that you use the right cleaning products in your house in order to make sure that it is sparkling and beautiful and also that it is safe for you and your family. In these blog posts we will be dissecting not only the dangers of certain chemicals for different rooms of the house but also analyzing some great alternatives that can be for you and all of your home cleaning needs. First let us discuss the room that is used every day of the year which is the bathroom. The bathroom is a place where many germs can collect. This is a place where your body comes in contact with many surfaces and also the place where bacteria and mold and moisture can collect. Because of this it is a very important place to make sure that it is cleaned and disinfected regularly.

The places of most extreme bacterial growth are the toilet the sink and any knob that is touched constantly like the ones in your shower for hot and cold. If you do not keep your bathroom disinfected then there’s a chance of catching germs especially flu and cold viruses that can be left on handles and toilet seats. Also there is a serious danger of catching other gastrointestinal elements from am properly clean the toilet. fecal matter from the toilet can you disperse it spread all over the bathroom. When you think about it is actually a terrible designed to put the place where you defecate in the same place where you brush your teeth and wash your face. These things should actually be separated from each other for your reasons but because of the way that plumbing works they have been put in the same place. Because of this it is your duty to take cleaning of the bathroom very seriously to make sure not only that it looks clean and spotless but also that you are protecting your family and yourself from the germs that can make them sick.

Traditionally you would have different kinds of cleaners for different kinds of jobs in your bathroom. You would have a toilet bowl cleaner for your toilet which would be responsible for removing stains and also for disinfecting the bowl. This is often made with harsh bleaches and other chemicals that will not hurt the porcelain of the toilet bowl but can very much irritate your nose and the skin that it lands on. You also have a spray cleaner for the grout in your tile. Mold is another ugly part of cleaning that is necessary to remove. Mold grows in warm wet places like a steamy bathroom and can cause an unsightly stain as well. There are mold and mildew remover that can be bought but also have very strong astringent that can also hurt your eyes or irritate your nose and mouth if you inhale the fumes. Next there is the tile cleaner that you use on the floor which is responsible for cleaning the tile. Similar to the other astringent chemicals that you were using on the rest of the bathroom this can also cause a serious irritation and the bleach can penetrate the skin and get into the tissue below where it is responsible for damage. Lastly there is the disinfectant spray that you are most likely using on your sink which is responsible for removing germs. Also there is probably a window cleaner that you were using on your mirror to keep it streak free. This probably has ammonia in it and this is a damaging chemical which is not good for human tissue either.

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